Oily Skin Care | Oily Skin Care Tips And Routine

Oily skin required skin careFor oily skin care you have to take your skin in your control first then only oily skin can be come back to the normal skin.

If, you ignore the oily skin there'll be more and more oil will be produced with also rise in acne and pimples.


Oily skin is the skin which overproduces the sebum, sebum is oily substances made of fats. Due to this overproduction of sebum the oily skin is visible.

A sebum isn't dangerous for skin but overproduction of sebum is dangerous since sebum helps to shield, moisturize your skin and keep it shiny and healthy skin.

We have seen that oily skin is usually facing acne and pimple problem that's due to an excessive amount of production sebum, that results in clogged pore and acne.

Oily Skin Care | Oily Skin Care Tips And Routine
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Too much sebum production is happening due to genetics, hormonal changes, not taking enough sleep, not drinking water, and additionally the stress could increase the production of sebum.

If, you skin is oily and you're facing acne and pimple problem don’t go for home remedies go for medicated product only.

To manage oily skin is very challenging but don’t even try for home remedies if you think that it'll reduce the symptoms it’s not happening. once a while, you'll see the dangerous effects of it and that time you'll be regretting of using home remedies.

These are square measures for oily skin care tips and routine: -

1.  Wash your face
It is important to wash your face but no more than two or three times. Use soap if you prefer use medicated soap and use the soap only twice each day one’s in morning and second on night before sleeping. It'll be higher if you use face wash product and use only medicated face wash.

“Wash your face two or three times each day with soap or face wash product only medicated”

2.  Moisturize
If skin is oily, it's necessary to place in moisturizer use a medicated dry based moisturizer. Some of them fill the moisturizer is oil-based product how could we use it, after face wash with a product it pulls out all oil from face so that why we place in the moisturizer on a face so that skin will be back on its initial state. It places a layer of hydration on a face.

“Moisturizer is also necessary for oily skin”

3.  Use hankey
If oil is visible on face simply use hankey and simply press it on face don’t rub it. Use a recent cleaned hankey if you are doing this after some week or month skin will start reducing the sebum production.

“Just press the hankey on face”

4.  Sleep
Sleep is incredibly necessary sleeping can get rid of stress and sebum production. Take a sleep of seven to eight hours frequently.

“Take a sleep of seven to eight hours frequently”

5.  Water
Drink enough water which can keep your body hydrated. A minimum of seven to eight liters water should be consumed so it'll reduce the production of sebum. Result's not visible in week or month it takes time more than we expect.

“Consume a minimum of seven to eight liters of water each day”

6.  Sunscreen
Use a dry based sunscreen it'll help your skin to protect from sun and also helps to shield skin from dirt and dirt. If, skin is oily and you have acne then it makes more necessary for your skin to use a sunscreen. Use only medicated sunscreen if you skin is full of acne and pimples.

“Sunscreen should be used by oily skin”

7.  Touching face
Oily skin is a sensitive skin if you touch your face possibility is that acne might be popped wherever you touch the face. Don’t touch your face with dirty hand first wash your hand then wash your face.

“Don’t touch dirt hand with face”

8.  Cover your face
Oily skin is skin where all the dirt can simply stick-on skin for longer till you wash your face. Cover your face with some piece of fabric while going outside that the skin will be protected from bacteria, dirt, and dust.

“Cover your face with a piece of fabric”

9.  Pillow
Wash your pillow cover frequently oil from hair and face is on pillow cover and on next day we use that very same pillow. Acne and pimples pop main reason isn't washing pillow cover.

“Wash your pillow cover frequently”

iOily Skin Care | Oily Skin Care Tips And Routine

These square measures are going to be most helpful to acne prone skin with oily skin.

What is a good skin care routine for oily skin?

Oily skin is extremely sensitive therefore you can’t directly follow or use any product. Initial verify that it's for oily skin or not then only use it.

Oily skin care a good a decent skin care routine, routine cover the food you eat and products you use. If, all this is properly followed then skin can return to normal state.

Basic demand and routine for oily skin is using this product cleanser, Moisturizer, and sunscreen. Food should be oil free or less oily food. Drink water as much as you can.

These routines can offer you the result.

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