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Basic Hair Care Mistakes | Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid

Hair Care is also important like we care about skin. There are some common hair care mistakes that you’re making when it comes to caring.

Basic Hair Care Mistakes

Many of them arise a question even taking sensible hair care we don’t achieve good hair? How can you achieve if you're doing some of the most common hair care mistakes.

Basic Hair Care Mistakes | Hair Care Mistakes To Avoid
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No one will tell you this if you're taking care then you also have to remember that you have to make few mistakes so the hair stays in good condition then what will be the use of taking care.

Don’t skip any a part of routine or thinking that there's no use of taking care we've brought some basic and common hair care mistakes you're doing.

These are the key factor that you’re making in achieving good hair.

These square measures the hair care mistakes to avoid: -

1.  Not oiling hair
Oiling hair makes your scalp healthy and hydrated and make your hair thick, put strength, and shine on hair. Oiling should be done once every week if you're not oiling hair there might be hair fall problem, dandruff problem, and also dry the scalp that leads to heavy hair fall.

“Not oiling hair not ones a week”

2.  Hot water bath
This is nonetheless a usual practice washing hair with hot water. Hot water when used it'll pull out all-natural oil and moisture from hair. It leaves the scalp dehydrate and dry which leads to hair fall. Hot water opens the pores on scalps and it'll simply pop the hair.

“Washing hair with hot water”

3.  Not using shampoo
The reason of shampooing hair is to get rid of all the dirt and excessive oil from the hair and scalp. The scalp is a place where bacterium is built up and therefore the pollution around tends to stay on your hair. Shampooing is your basic clean-up operation.

“Not washing hair with shampoo”

4.  Not taking enough sleep
We forever tell you to take enough sleep. Sleep has direct connection with your hair and skin. Sleeping relaxes the mind and free from stress. Not taking sleep will make your mind stressful and it leads to hair fall.

“Not taking enough sleep of seven to eight hours”

5.  Rubbing the towel
Wet hair could be easily popped then dry hair. Rubbing towel on head when hair is wet it's a lot of possibilities of hair may be popped. Rubbing towel will increase the hair fall problem.

“Rubbing towel on wet hair”

6.  Using hair dryer
Hair Dryer will increase the hair volume but the heat can damage your scalp hair and dry the scalp. Heat is extremely unhealthy for hair and scalp.
Using hair dryer regular to dry the hair can pull out all-natural oil from hair and hair will be damaged.

“Using hair dryer to dry the hair”

7.  Not using Cap
Cap may be a basic factor you'll be able to do from all above mistake. Before going outside or in sun wear a cap. It'll defend from sun and pollution. Hair are going to be shielded from dirt and mud.

“Not wearing cap while going outside”

These square measure the everyday hair care mistakes.

What is a decent and basic hair care routine?

Shampooing, conditioning, and oiling.

Shampoo take away all the dirt, bacteria, and oil from hair. Conditioner moisturizes the hair and oil put the protection on hair.

If, you follow these three basic rules then your hair are in good routine and in good condition.

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